Michael Rustin

Biographical Note

Michael Rustin is a Professor of Sociology at the University of East London, and a Visiting Professor at the Tavistock Clinic and at the University of Essex. He was Head of Department of Sociology and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences over 25 years, until his partial retirement in 2003. Since then his main teaching work has been at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, on postgraduate courses in the field of psychoanalysis. He was a co-founding editor, with Doreen Massey and Stuart Hall, of the journal Soundings in 1995. After many years work together on Soundings, he co-edited with them Alternatives to Neoliberalism: the Kilburn Manifesto, in 2015. His own work has been substantially concerned with the cultural and social applications of psychoanalytic ideas, with books including The Good Society and the Inner World, 1991); Narratives of Love and Loss: Studies in Modern Children’s Fiction (with Margaret Rustin) 1987/2001; Reason and Unreason, 2001; and the Inner World of Doctor Who (with Iain McRury) 2014. His most recent books are Social Defences against Anxiety: Explorations in a Paradigm (edited with David Armstrong) 2014; and Reading Klein (with Margaret Rustin, 2017. He is a co-editor of Stuart Hall’s Political Writings (2016). He is now coordinating a programmatic series Soundings Futures, for Soundings